What my clients and colleagues have said…


13 year old boy with severe PANDAS/PANS

My son was treated by a good homeopath who had knowledge but little experience with PANDAS for 1 1/2 years. He had some gains but was still really sick. We switched to Stephanie Newton and within 2 months he was starting to live again. He had been homebound and raging for 4 years and now after 6 months treatment he is going out in public and enjoying life again. I wouldn’t bother with a homeopath that doesn’t specialize in your child’s condition.

Jenna C, Medicine Hat, Canada


Two teenage boys with Autism (one with learning disability)

He couldn’t find his school bus yesterday and instead of becoming a nervous wreck he called my husband and simply said, “Can you come pick me up? I can’t find my bus.” He was cool as a cucumber. No problems with his locker and there’s always a problem every year. He came home pretty calm and happy yesterday after his second day at school. My kids are making some nice progress!

Hi Stephanie!
He is doing ahhhhhhhhmazing!!!
I cannot believe how well he’s doing with his algebra. I mean he understands it, he’s able to use examples and do his homework independently which is unheard of. This is a first for him. He’s also been very independent with other subjects and time management. Very responsible with putting aside time to study this weekend for two quizzes that he had today (Tuesday). Usually I have to tell him to put aside time to study. Maybe the remedy you put me on is part of this dynamic too. I’m just not as concerned with his homework. His grades are really good so I’m just letting him take the reigns.  I couldn’t be more pleased. He’s doing fabulous in swimming with juggling it all too. Thank You Thank You Thank You. I cannot stress how huge this all is.
Wendy 😊😘

I gotta tell you he’s doing some amazing things! He’s talking up a storm, following directions like a champ, and navigating his communication app on his iPad better than ever.

Wendy, NY


8 year old girl with alopecia (hair loss) and anxiety related to (suspected) PANDAS, before and after photos and comments from mom

Before (May 2016)

After (April 2017)

After (mom displays 5.5 inches of hair grown after one year)

she’s been phenomenal, no anxiety, she did a world championship (gymnastics) and had no anxiety, before lac equinum (the name of one of her homeopathic remedies) she totally panicked, this time she was one cool cat.

Click here to view the full story (including remedies used) of this case.

Kara, Connecticut


Woman with Severe Lyme Disease, Age 34

Severe Lyme Disease Relieved with Homeopathy.

Rebecca S., Chatsworth, CA


Boy with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and PANDAS, Age 10 (and his mom with anxiety)

The days he takes the Kali fluor- the following day is when I see him happy and hyper and with a positive attitude and doing all his work. He was also able to keep it together when he was at a birthday party. He has only gone to the deep end on one occasion since starting the remedies…and he was able to come and tell me that he might have over reacted. I have been doing ok with my remedies, too. I do feel less stressed and able to let go of things.

L.H., Davie, FL



Suspected Adult PANDAS Case: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Joint Pain, Gastrointestinal Pain

A Case of Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Suspected PANDAS Relieved with Homeopathy.

Claire B., Richland, WA


Acute PANDAS Exacerbation Resolved

PANDAS Flare Resolved with Homeopathy Within Hours. Case Study with Suspected Cellulitis.



Boy with PANDAS/PANS (anxiety and tics), Age 13

Sooo, sooo much better, I wrote a list of remedies to give him each day per your recommendations and stuck to it except when he seemed to get a little worse one day, so I backed off for 24 hours (as instructed). I feel like everything you gave him has helped greatly. The head-shaking tic is way down, his mood is super. No angry glances, compliant, and kind. You are AWESOME! Thanks so much for all your help!

Lara M. , Melbourne, FL


Former executive director of Pandas Resource Network

I have known Stephanie for almost 10 years and have closely followed her families painful journey and struggles navigating multiple medical mysteries. Not only did she find true healing for her own family through the use of homeopathy but she has been steadfast in continuing to broaden her knowledge base and helping many other families and children afflicted by PANDAS/PANS. Her intuition is key when it comes to unlocking the many layers/facets of illness as many have multiple layers of complexity that takes someone like Stephanie who is patient and persistent. She’s truly a kind, caring, old soul: a healer and a true friend.

Lynn Johnson, Virginia Beach, VA


35 year-old man with anxiety and high blood pressure:

I have always had good results with natural remedies and prefer this over more traditional medicine whenever possible. I was experiencing some stress/anxiety issues and I decided to give homeopathy a try. I contacted Stephanie and we started our consultation. Stephanie was great and very easy to talk with. Homeopathy is much more holistic than I realized, be prepared to learn more about yourself. The remedy Stephanie suggested made an immediate improvement in feelings of stress/anxiety and the underlying condition causing them. I was really quite impressed with how tailored the homeopathy experience was for me compared to a doctors’ visit and prescription. I would definitely recommend someone try homeopathy as a first line of defense rather than a last resort. You will be in great care with Stephanie as your guide.

Jamison E., Ft. Myers, FL


68 year-old woman with social anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression and skin infection:

I have been under Stephanie’s care for a year and a half now, and not only are my anxiety and nightmares gone, but I want to go out with friends and family now! I no longer relive the violent trauma in my mind over and over (which I have been doing for years)…those thoughts are just gone! Also, my skin no longer itches. Stephanie helps me every time I get sick, she always knows just what to give me and has saved me from quite a few doctor appointments during this time. And recently she has been suggesting certain essential oils which have been tremendous for my abdominal discomfort. Also, I’m not entirely sure, but a year ago I was suffering from post-surgical complications due to a mistake that was made during abdominal surgery. The doctors went in to fix the mistake and they found that it had healed on its own and they said they had never seen such a thing…I am convinced that the remedies stimulated my body to heal itself! She simply has a gift from God!

Jessica S., Jensen Beach, FL