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Claire, 44, presented to me with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, joint pains, and raw burning stomach pains. We also suspected possible adult PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal Infection), based on her own health history, and that of her sons’. Here is a synopsis of the progression of her case using homeopathy over 7 months under my care.

woman depressed

Initial Consultation: Thuja, Followed by Natrum Dichloroisocyanurate

Based on her unique features of depression and anxiety, I first prescribed Thuja, followed shortly by Natrum Dichloroisocyanurate. She reported the following feedback over the next two months:

  • I seemed to have maybe a bit more energy than normal last week. Last Monday was a really good day emotionally and physically.

  • Stomach issues and all around digestive issues have been a problem for me for years and years, my stomach is feeling much better. Last week it seemed to clear up and doesn’t hurt or get upset much now.

  • My motivation has started coming back last week!! It is really good some days and just ok other days. But I’m so happy to have some again.

  • Trust issue seems better, less fear of rejection.

  • Aches in low back, legs, hips, feels much better, unless I’m really pushing it.

  • I feel like the thuja is really helping me emotionally. I went without taking any for about a week and suddenly I felt like I was right back where I started emotionally. It was weird, I totally recognized feeling that way and it helped me to see the contrast between that and how I feel with the remedies. I ended up taking two pellets of 200c this past Tuesday evening and have felt great since.

First Follow-up Consultation: Perna Canaliculata and Ortho Evra Birth Control Clear

birth control pills

When Claire followed up for her next consultation, in addition to her positive feedback, we found that she was still experiencing hurt feelings and rejection from friends and family. She was also still experiencing weight gain and mood swings before her periods. Perna Canaliculata and Ortho Evra birth control pill remedy were prescribed for these issues (the Ortho Evra remedy is an example of tautopathy, or medication detoxification).

Claire reported the following feedback about perna c, and had some shocking news about her fertility at the age of 44 following the birth control remedy!

  • As far as my constitutional remedy (perna c) I am finding that I need it. I took it twice last week and it seemed to help me not feel hurt by everyone around me.

Claire started the birth control clear on Oct 4 and found out she was pregnant on Oct 28! From the timing we determined that she got pregnant right around the start of the birth control clear (I suspected regulation of hormones to be the cause of her possible increased fertility and surprise, unplanned pregnancy). I advised her to immediately stop the birth control remedy. A few weeks later, sadly, Claire had a miscarriage.

Second Follow-up Consultation: Carcinosin, Passiflora, and Strep Combo Nosode

At Claire’s next consultation she described feelings of being overwhelmed, desiring perfection, and unable to “get on top of it all”. She also seemed to still have some feelings of depression which would rise up from time to time (we were unsure if this was due to the recent upheaval of hormones from the brief pregnancy). I prescribed Passiflora and Carcinosin to help with these feelings. I also suggested that she take a streptococcal combo nosode remedy which contains the energetic imprints from 5 strains of streptococcal bacteria (including Group A Strep, or Strep Pyogenes, the bacteria usually responsible for strep throat).

In addition to what appeared to be detox symptoms of sore throat (having had many sore throats and strep infections as a child), Claire also reported fabulous gains from Carcinosin (and some gains from Passiflora), stating that this was her favorite remedy yet:

  • Carcinosin has given me a ton of energy, and I’m less overwhelmed. I had a sit down talk with my husband about things he has done, we talked for an hour, I was venting about things that have been bothering me for awhile.

  • Stomach issues seem better.

  • A lot of things seem to be getting better.

  • The passiflora seems to help me a bit with angry outbursts so that is good.

While Claire still has some symptoms of PTSD when her sons’ health conditions exacerbate, she has experienced many gains from the above remedies and recently thanked me for my services: “You have been such a great help to me and I’ve learned so much from you!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

For information about my international homeopathy practice, click here. 

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