Integrative Homeopathy: My Approach


This PANDAS/PANS webinar was developed and sponsored by The Thinking Moms’ Revolution and IonCleanse. My presentation begins three hours into this webinar (3:00:00).




Homeopathic medicine is a system of medicine which is a subset of holistic or alternative medicine. In medical literature, homeopathy is referred to as nanoparticle medicine. Within homeopathic medicine different approaches have emerged, with varying levels of efficacy. I practice a form of homeopathy called Integrative Homeopathy, otherwise known as Intuitive Homeopathy, a term and subset of homeopathy recently coined and organized in large part due to the miraculous healing experienced by thousands of children and their families due to this novel approach. Intuitive homeopathy includes the use of constitutional remedies (classical homeopathy) and may also include isopathic remedies and tautopathic remedies. However, during our consultation other healing modalities in addition to homeopathic medicine may be discussed. There are so many to choose from!

My judgements involved in choosing the most suitable remedies for any particular case result from a fusion of art, science and intuition. Not only did my own children struggle with complex cognitive, emotional, and physical conditions (and regain almost all of their health with the help of homeopathy), but I later trained to manage complex cases such as theirs.

While I have been trained in typical and complex homeopathic case-taking and analysis, I do not subscribe to any particular set of rules which inhibit the necessary “thinking out of the box” required in some very complex cases…cases with multiple and severe pathology on mental, emotional and physical levels. I believe in “mother’s intuition” and never giving up! I also believe in allowing “flow” to occur naturally in our lives and the power of faith, which paves the way for deep healing in its own time. Sometimes this results in immediate, profound results and other times this results in slow, steady gains.

My aim is to create true health and train families to maintain this new level of health over time. My own experiences with homeopathy and healing are what fuel my passion and drive to give each case my most concerted effort and to continue researching new homeopathic approaches and best-practices each and every day!