Current Clients


Now that you have had your first consultation, here are the resources you will need in the future (including videos which may help you to navigate and understand the homeopathy journey).

  1. Schedule your first FREE 15 minute follow up consultation.
  2. Order your remedies and pay invoice using the links provided in the protocol email.
  3. Fill out this feedback form 24-48 hours before the free mini follow up.
  4. Schedule your first full follow up appt (should be about 5 weeks after the initial consultation).
  5. Follow ups should occur about once every 5-6 weeks until you feel the case is stable, and then as needed after that. After every follow up appt, you should fill out the feedback form 2 weeks after starting the new protocol.
  6. Optional: See some of the videos below for more info on what to expect 🙂