Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation $540. First Follow-up is free. Subsequent Follow-ups are $125.

The Initial Homeopathy Consultation fee includes:

  • Initial Consultation for child (2 hours in length)
  • Case analysis and protocol development after the consultation
  • Follow-up consultation about 3-4 weeks later
  • Basic email communication as necessary

follow-up consultation is typically needed every 4-6 weeks initially. First follow-up is free. Follow-up fee is $125 thereafter.

Homeopathic remedies will average a total of $8-50 per person and will need to be ordered from a homeopathic pharmacy. To schedule an initial consultation, click here.



Follow-up Consultation

Follow up $125

Follow up consultations should occur every 4-6 weeks. Follow up consultations are approximately one hour in length and include follow up email as necessary. Emails between consultations requiring dosage adjustment or an acute protocol will be considered an “email consultation” (see below). Click here to schedule a follow up consultation.



Email Consultation

Email dosage adjustment $25

Sometimes between follow-up consultations a dosage adjustment of current remedies may be helpful/necessary. This can be done over email. If this is required, please email me with your update/concern and I will respond with the adjustment and a paypal invoice for $25.



Acute Care Consultation

Established patient $50, New patient $65

This consult is for acute health conditions such as the flu, strep throat, colds, minor injuries, etc. This appointment will take about 20 minutes to discuss the specifics about the symptoms. I will then do a bit of research and email you instructions the same day. This appointment includes 48 hours of follow-up on email. To schedule an Acute Care Consultation, please email me directly: steph@stephanienewtonhomeopathy.com.



Custom Flower Essence Blend (Email Consultation)

 Email Consultation $50

Flower Essences are fun!! For this consultation you will fill out a short questionnaire in which you will describe one mental/emotional symptom that is bothering you, and I will email you a list of 2-4 flower essences (based on research and muscle testing) aimed toward greater wellness in the area you described. I will then give you a link to an apothecary which will create your custom blend and ship it to you ($14.50 plus shipping). Below is a list of mental/emotional features which can be helped with flower essences:

feelings of abandonment/rejection, addiction, anger, isolation, lack of motivation, feelings of stress/overwhelm, heartbreak/grief, lack of clarity, co-dependence, courage, concentration, confidence, creativity, indecision, melancholy, lack of vitality, envy, exhaustion, obsession, fear, inflexibility, frustration/irritability, greed, feeling ungrounded, bad habits, impatience, inertia, sleep difficulties, intimacy/libido, loneliness, lack of manifestation, menopause, difficulty with mothering, negativity, perfectionism, procrastination, repressed emotions, resentment, self-effacement, selfishness, sensitivity, shame, shock, and more!

Click here to sign up and fill out the questionnaire (it doesn’t matter which time slot you choose, this is all done over email on our own time), then you will receive an invoice through email. After the invoice is paid I will begin analyzing your case!

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