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Homeopathy Consultations

Initial Consultation $520. This includes one free follow-up. If the consultation is for a child age 17 or under, this fee also includes a complimentary initial consultation for parent/caregiver (limit one complimentary consultation per family).

Follow-up Consultations $150

The Initial Homeopathy Consultation fee includes:

  • Initial Consultation (2-2.5 hours in length)
  • Complimentary initial consultation for the primary parent/caregiver at the time of the child’s consultation.
  • 1 free follow up consultation to be held one month after the initial consultation (for both child and parent), during which a dosage adjustment of current remedies will occur.
  • 3 additional dosage adjustments of current remedies based on email updates.

A full, paid follow-up consultation (during which new remedies will probably be selected) will be needed when we determine that the initial remedies are no longer matching the case (ie, the next “layer” of the case needs to be addressed). This would occur approximately 8-10 weeks after the initial consultation (possibly sooner for some complex cases, or later for less complex cases). Paid follow-up consultations include 3 dosage adjustments based on email updates (one phone/skype update, if necessary).

Homeopathic remedies will average a total of $8-50 per person and will need to be ordered from a homeopathic pharmacy. To inquire about and schedule an initial consultation, please email: steph@stephanienewtonhomeopathy.com.

Acute Care Consult

Established patient $50, New patient $65

This consult is for acute health conditions such as the flu, strep throat, colds, minor injuries, etc. This appointment will take about 20 minutes to discuss the specifics about the symptoms. I will then do a bit of research and email you instructions the same day. This appointment includes 48 hours of follow-up on email. To schedule an Acute Care Consultation, please email me directly: steph@stephanienewtonhomeopathy.com.

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