Acute Homeopathy Course


Are you looking for a way to manage your family’s acute (short-term) conditions at home, quickly and cost-effectively?

Homeopathy has proven to help manage conditions such as flu, colds, sinus problems, ear conditions, coughs, sprains, rashes and more!

Homeopathy also has the power to increase the mood of most individuals as their bodies heal. Many people tend to become very lethargic and irritable when they don’t feel well. Homeopathy can address the individual on all levels during these times, supporting cognition (no more pesky brain fog during and after the flu), emotions, and physical symptoms.

Homeopathy Can Work Quickly In Many Circumstances!

This course will show you how it’s done!

I have worked with hundreds of families over the last 5 years, and have learned how to approach acute conditions in a comprehensive manner. I have also spent a TON of time teaching clients how to do this. Which is WHY I am creating this course, so that I can reach more than one person at at time!

THE ACUTE HOMEOPATHY COURSE (Level 1 Homeopathy Course)!

What you will receive:
  • 5 pre-recorded videos (a total of 6 hours of instruction)
  • 46-page printable handbook
  • Membership in my Acute Homeopathy Facebook Group (for students)
This course includes a 46-page, printable handbook!



1. What is homeopathy? How does it work?

2. How to differentiate an acute condition from a detox (or herxheimer) reaction. And how to manage each situation.

3. How to observe the symptoms of the acute condition (which information/symptoms to look for in order to lead you to the correct remedy).

4. How to select the correct remedy. We will discuss books and learn an online repertory.

5. How to know:

  • which potency of the remedy to use
  • how often to give the remedy
  • when to change to a different acute remedy

6. How to STEER THE CASE! Managing the condition as the symptoms change is the most difficult aspect of using homeopathy for acute situations. This will be discussed in detail. For example, we will discuss:

  • what to do as a cough moves from dry to productive
  • what to do as a fever moves from high to low
  • what to do as nasal mucous changes from yellow to clear
  • and more!

7. How to administer the remedy (dry, drop dose, or sip dose).

8. Brief discussion about sway testing/muscle testing/intuition.

9. How to select the best remedy kit (at different price points) for your family’s needs. How to select the best acute remedy book.

10. How to know when a nosode may be necessary (a remedy which targets a particular pathogen involved in the acute condition…ie “influenzinum”).

11. How to use homeopathic remedies prophylactically (preventative).

12. What to do if the acute condition becomes chronic (chronic ear symptoms, chronic lung symptoms, chronic sinus symptoms, etc).

13. Flow charts to help you choose the correct remedy in various conditions.

14. Materia medica for the most common homeopathic remedies (this is a list of symptoms/characteristics/themes that each remedy can help).

15.Other modalities will be discussed briefly (such as homotoxicology, gemmotherapy, herbs, ways to address detox pathways, etc.)

16.Banerji protocols (specific protocols for various acute conditions).



“My sore throat, body aches, and chills resolved so quickly (36 hours) using a few acute remedies and a strep combo nosode (pathogen remedy). Then I had a sinus headache and the next remedies made all of the discharge drain out very quickly. Stephanie’s guidance has helped me save time and money at the doctor’s office and get back to work more quickly when I get sick.”

Jessica, Acute Homeopathy Course Student and Client

“Nux vomica worked like magic (hemorrhoids during pregnancy)! The pain and bleeding stopped almost within 24 hours. I think nux vomica contributed majorly…It was like a miracle. I was in so much pain and bleeding…it all went away in 24 hours. After that I was even constipated once and I thought the pain and bleeding would restart but still good.. I dosed on Saturday and so far so good. Thanks so much!”

Dana, Acute Homeopathy Course Student and Client

“I love listening to your personal anecdotes and experiences.”

Carmen, Acute Homeopathy Course Student
Who is the ideal student for this course?


1. Anyone who wants to have tools to manage acute conditions at home in a very fast and cost-effective manner.

2. Anyone who is thinking about hiring a homeopath for a chronic condition but is “on the fence” due to lack of experience with this modality. Using homeopathy for acute conditions is often the “gateway” to showing people what homeopathy is capable of doing for chronic conditions.

3. Anyone who is already working with a homeopath and wants to become more comfortable making remedy and dosing decisions on their own (the Facebook group will be priceless for this)!

4. Your family members! Feel free to have your family participate in the course with you.


Regular Price: $75 (50% discount for current clients who have been active on my caseload in the past 6 months)

Email me if you have any questions or run into issues during the registration process:

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical doctor. If you have a medical emergency, please contact your medical doctor or go to the nearest emergency room or urgent care center. Ask your doctor before starting any new wellness modality such as homeopathy.


Hi, I’m Stephanie Newton

I’m a homeopath, trained in nutrition and homeopathy. I work with clients one-on-one, not only for chronic condition management, but also to help them resolve short-term, acute conditions with homeopathic remedies. Since adopting the use of homeopathy in my own home, not only did all of our chronic conditions improve, but we are able to quickly move past acute issues that come up, as well!

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical doctor. If you have a medical emergency, please contact your medical doctor or go to the nearest emergency room or urgent care center. Ask your doctor before starting any new wellness modality such as homeopathy.

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If you are a one-on-one client who has been seen in the past 6 months, please contact me over email for a discount.