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PTSDThis case represents how much homeopathy can accomplish on multiple layers in a very short period of time! I believe that this case was a fast-resolving one because Jenelle was not taking any prescribed medications (besides thyroid medication after her thyroid was removed) and she had a strong desire to get to a better place.

Initial Consultation: Carcinosin and Natrum Muriaticum

When I first met with Jenelle, age 65, it was obvious that she was suffering from post-traumatic stress from her violent marriage from many years ago (now divorced). The flashbacks and fearful feelings were holding her back from enjoying the life she had now and from interacting with her loved ones in a constructive manner. There was a lack of boundaries and inability to speak up for herself that was prominent. Much suppressed anger from her marriage and grief from loss. In fact, her mother had recently passed which was exacerbating things all the more (she had already taken Ignatia, a common grief remedy).

Jenelle expressed that she wants to be at home. She isolates herself yet does not like feeling isolated. She also had anxiety attacks on the way to work from anticipation of the stress of her job. During her anxiety attacks she experienced dizziness, and heart palpitations. She said that it “feels like the blood is draining from my head”.

She felt responsible for the break up of her family many years ago, she worried about her grown children and the effect the abusive marriage and divorce had on them. She expressed much guilt. She felt misunderstood and wrongfully persecuted regarding the abuse she sustained in her marriage.

She expressed the feeling of isolation again that she felt during her marriage. She felt that she had a lack of control, and an anger that she felt in her chest during those tumultuous times. She said that after her husband would beat her, she would go into a corner and go within herself, “encapsulate” herself, and then go into a depression for days. She felt vulnerable and helpless because no one would help.

She had a deep fear of loss which she dealt with by “keeping my mouth shut so I don’t make enemies”, yet she felt taken for granted. She expressed that her life lacked meaning and she had lost all ambition.

Mentally, Jenelle felt that her mind was not clear and she had trouble finding words to express her thoughts. She had persistent dreams of being at work and constantly trying to organize things. Physically, she suffered from loose gums, eczema with itchy skin and open sores, wheezing and shortness of breath, she experienced “sluggishness” with achy, stiff, weak and sore joints, and sneezing from dust.

What I found most interesting was her history of cancer. She said that she was told by her doctors that her cancer was “encapsulated” (a word she used to describe herself, emotionally) inside of a tumor. She had the tumor/cancer removed and a round of radiation and is now cancer free.

Panic attackWhat was prominent in this case, to me, was her feeling of “encapsulation” and isolation, which she seemed to induce upon herself in order to deal with her own fear of loss which seemed to point toward natrum muriaticum. She also had much suppressed anger and a feeling of helplessness, in addition to her cancer history which seemed to point toward carcinosin.

I decided to start her with a dose of carcinosin 1M and quickly follow that up with natrum muriaticum 200c one week later.

First follow-up consultation: Thuja

Upon follow up two months later the results she reported were astounding! Here is what she reported:

bleeding gums stopped completely

itching is gone on scalp and skin

eczema improved

irregular heartbeat/dizziness 70% better

dont hate work

dont feel isolated

dont have burden of responsibility

doesnt cancel plans like she was

found new desire for work to make money and purchase a car

setting boundaries/feel like I can say no

enjoying work

dont worry about stuff anymore

doesnt feel abused/devastated

more assertive/proactive

dont have feeling of responsibility of breaking up family

dont feel disrespected

dont dwell on abuse and what it has caused now

I dont placate people anymore

seems like people have more respect for me

heaviness in chest gone

energy level better

depression is better

taking better care of myself

more clarity of mind

wheezing gone

fluid in lungs gone

no more fear of breakdown or losing people

don’t feel taken for granted

feel like she can express herself without fear of repercussions/loss

ice cream craving gone

not excessively thirsty

not using salt as much

no more active dreams

sleeping better

life has meaning now

What was left? The symptoms she reported at this follow-up seemed to point toward a different remedy, Thuja. She said that she felt “socially inept”, like there is a void. She was also experiencing some continued grief from her mom’s death. She reported having a bloated abdomen, heartburn, stiff knees, sneezing spells, frequent urination, word finding problems while speaking, feeling emotionally tired from raising children, and a fear of rejection. For this fear of rejection and “social ineptness” and other features of the case, I prescibed Thuja (and an essential oil for her abdominal bloating).  She later reported that Thuja was her “happy pill” which had her connecting even further with the outside world, and that her bloating and heartburn were a thing of the past! She also found it easier most days to find words in her sentences.

Second follow-up: Bellis perennis and Strep combo nosode

The next appointment occurred after abdominal surgery which seemed to have left her with very scary post-surgical complications. She presented with an inability to care for herself or speak coherently, and it appeared that her urinary tract had been damaged in the process of the surgery (she was suffering from severe urinary incontinence). Upon finding out that her doctor recently reported a positive strep culture in her urine, I prescribed a strep nosode. I also prescribed bellis perennis (for internal injury post-surgery). She also continued her constitutional remedy, Thuja.

It was reported that her incoherence disappeared immediately after use of the strep nosode! Furthermore, when the doctors performed surgery to fix the bladder damage, they reported that they could not find the damage (doctors reporting they had never seen a complication of this nature resolve on its own).

It was reported that her incoherence disappeared immediately after use of the strep nosode!

I continue to treat Jenelle using new constitutional remedies. One thing we are still working to resolve is her tinnitus, which has yet to resolve, but we are hoping to get to that “layer” in the near future!

For information about my international homeopathy practice, click here. 

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