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We don’t just want to survive the Empty Nest! We want to maximize this time and thrive!

Maybe you see the “empty nest” looming ahead, or you are already there! Maybe you have a child who passed before his/her time. Or perhaps you are a single parent who shares custody and feels sad when the kids are at the other parent’s house.  There are a variety of reasons and seasons that parenthood can bring grief our way at times. In this blog post I offer many different natural interventions to ease the pain of any of these situations.

In this video I document myself using the suggested remedies in this blog post. And I feel much better!

My Own Situation

Empty Nest Syndrome

I’ll never forget the first time I realized that time was hurtling past me and I was headed for the empty nest sooner than later. It was the day my firstborn son finished middle school. I just knew that high school was going to fly by. And indeed it has!

At the time of this writing I have a semi-empty nest and it hurts! So I decided to experiment with some natural interventions to see how they help me. Namely, homeopathy, essential oils, flower essences…and hobbies. Yes, hobbies! 😊

One of the most important things I have done recently is go hiking and cry it out. Sometimes, nature is all we need to find our balance again. And that cry in nature did help! But after a few days my “teary-eyed” state returned. It was hard for me to talk about or think about how I was feeling without getting tears in my eyes all over again. So I turned to natural remedies and I am happy to say I am feeling a lot better. See the video for more on which remedies I took and how they affected me.  

How This Blog Post (And Attached Video) Can Help YOU!

Empty Nest Syndrome

While it is important to feel and identify why you feel the pain that you do, it can also be beneficial to support your “constitution” while you sort through the feelings and emotions that arise at this time. Enter: homeopathy, flower essences, and essential oils!

Below is a list of feelings. Read through each of them to find natural remedies for that emotion. Choose the emotion or feeling that you feel strongest right now, and start with those remedies.

Even if you choose not to take anything, reading about these emotions may help you to better identify the layers of grief you may be sorting through. In addition to grief, you also may be processing emotions that you suppressed during your years of motherhood which have nothing to do with motherhood or loss of your children now! As moms, we tend to go-go-go with no time to stop and sort through our feelings along the way. You may have 20 years of “sorting” to do, in general! And it may feel overwhelming at this time for everything to “come up” at once.

Which feeling is the most predominant?

Read on to find which feeling below is the most predominant for you. Take note of the natural remedies suggested for that feeling and continue reading to learn how to best dose these items. Choose one remedy from each of the categories (one homeopathic, one flower essence, one essential oil). There is a long list of feelings you may identify with below. Choose the one that seems most “top layer” for you at this time. You can always come back to this list and address the “next layer” later.

Worry for your child’s well-being or safety:

Deep grief to the point of being in shock:

Unloved, Invisible, Unappreciated:

Helpless; loss of control:

Empty, like you were attached and that attachment has been ripped away:

Suppressed emotion – you feel like you need a good cry but it won’t come, or you are trying to put on a brave face:

Forsaken or forgotten by your children:

  • Homeopathic Remedies: Phosphoricum acidum (especially if combined with physical and/or mental debility – almost like in emotional shock); Ignatia (lump in throat or tight chest may be present)
  • Flower Essence: Holly
  • Essential Oil: Lavender, Cinnamon

Lack of purpose:

Loneliness/desires company:

Boredom/Want to Travel:

General sadness and grief:

Grief, teary-eyed:

Grief that has caused depression (trouble feeling joy anymore):

Grief that has caused anxiety/overwhelm:

Fear of Change:



Fear for your own future or aging process:


Angry/resentful at your child for leaving (even if you recognize the irrationality of this and are hiding this emotion):

Uprooted trauma:


Feel Abandoned:

Any Category of Grief & Stress

How do I proceed with dosing the remedies?

When it comes to taking flower essences and essential oils, it’s easy! Take them as suggested on the package (I suggest using the essential oils in a diluted form topically). That’s it! But with homeopathic remedies it’s a bit more complicated. Follow these guidelines for taking homeopathic remedies:

  1. Only take homeopathic remedies as needed when taking for chronic or emotional issues. This means take a dose and wait. And wait. And wait some more! Wait until a few days have gone by to evaluate whether or not the remedy helped you feel better.
  2. Keep in mind that sometimes a homeopathic remedy will make you feel a bit worse before better. This can last for a few minutes, or a few hours, or in rare cases, a few days. We call this a homeopathic “aggravation”. After the aggravation wears off you should notice an improvement in symptoms/emotions above baseline (baseline being how you felt before taking the remedy).
  3. After a period of improvement you may notice the symptoms/emotions start to return. At this point, it’s time to decide what to do next. If the same emotions return, repeat the same remedy and repeat steps 1-2. If the emotions that return seem to be a bit different, go back to the list of emotions above and choose a new homeopathic remedy and start the process over.
  4. Once you feel you have reached homeostasis (feeling calm and at peace) stop taking all flower essences, essential oils, and homeopathic remedies. You are done!

I hope this list helps uplift you and allows you to grab ahold of this new chapter in your life and make the best of it! Don’t forget the “hobby” part of these recommendations. You have worked hard as a mom and it’s time to give back to yourself now. And anyway, you know the old saying: when mom is happy, everyone is happy! 🙂

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