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This is the second blog post in my Frequently Asked Questions series. To go to the other posts in this series, click here:

Today’s FAQ: Are there basic remedies which can be used for specific symptoms like histamine/mast cell reactions, parasites, inflammation, mold, etc…or does there need to be a constitutional remedy with it?

(scroll to the bottom to get right to the list, be sure to read the ordering and dosing guidelines, too!)

I get asked today’s FAQ a lot from clients (and in my FB group). And the answer is yes…there are remedies which can be given specifically for these issues.

I don’t know about you, but I am a big do-it-yourself-er! Even before I started homeopathy school, I was already ordering and dosing remedies on my own for my family. From acute remedies to “pathogen clears” (homeopathic nosodes for specific pathogens). I have some clients who like to venture out on their own as well here and there, and most of the time (after we have been working together for a few months) I fully support this!

A constitutional remedy stimulates the vital force (vitality) to heal the body.

However, it is important to note that homeopathy was initially developed to address the core underlying issue which is causing the majority of symptoms. This is called classical homeopathy, in which one constitutional remedy is given to increase the vitality or vital force of the person so that his/her body can heal itself. And this is still the best approach to take and should be the core component of any homeopathic protocol.

Constitutional remedies are powerful enough to accomplish this vitality boost! However, as time has gone on, and society has become more and more industrialized, we are facing a greater number or poisons and toxins in our environment (and stressors!)…some of which can be avoided and some of which cannot. So some homeopaths have moved slightly away from strictly classical homeopathy (one constitutional remedy) and have begun to also address specific issues with specific remedies. Now this is closer to the allopathic approach (ie modern medicine) than it is to the original classical homeopathic approach because it targets specific symptoms or diseases with specific substances. So, I personally only do this when it is necessary (which in the majority of my complex clients it is…at least in the beginning as we start working through the mountain of issues presented at first). Most of my clients receive a constitutional remedy and at least one other remedy to support a specific issue from their health history.

But even with my complex cases, I tend to err on the conservative side in the beginning of case management. And by conservative I mean giving one constitutional remedy plus maybe a nosode (a remedy which addresses specific pathogens) or one medication/vaccine clear, or a sarcode (a remedy made to support a specific organ or organ system) to support detox. So the majority of my first time clients only receive two remedies and we start those one at a time. If this proves to be too much, we back down to one remedy and keep things simple. If it is not enough, we either make some potency adjustments, or change remedies, or add a remedy or two to get things moving.

Why do I keep things conservative at first? A few reasons.

  • First, too many remedies all at once can put a person into a detox, or aggravation, state that can be rather debilitating (on either a mental/emotional level, or a physical level).
  • Second, too many remedies makes the case much more difficult to manage when changes need to be made to the protocol. For example…which remedy do we change? It can be hard to tell and can take some trial and error.
  • Third, the conservative approach gives us time to find out what type of responder a person is to homeopathy. Some kids/people will make massive gains on just one constitutional remedy! Some kids will be put into a big detox state with just one constitutional remedy. Other kids will be non-responders to just one remedy.

In the case of the non-responders, everyone involved feels quite comfortable with adding in another remedy to “get things moving”. While it is true that “no response” could indicate that it’s the wrong potency or wrong remedy, we can adjust for these things and if there is still no response we can feel relatively safe about perhaps adding in a nosode or another remedy to elicit a response or lift a potential block.

In the case of a child who has a strong detox reaction or aggravation, we know to go “lower and slower” moving forward. We may even have to address detox pathways (ie liver support). With a case like this we will err on the side of caution and stick to a more classical approach.

And in the case of a child who responds well to one constitutional remedy, we proceed with just this one remedy until we reach a point where a block comes to the surface and we need to address it with a different or additional remedy.

With all of this said, below is a list of remedies which can help smooth out some issues which seem to reoccur over time despite a relatively good response to classical homeopathy. Some kids will continue to have histamine issues, for example. Is this because there is mold in the environment and the family is unaware or unable to remediate the problem? Perhaps they need a little help every few days with a histamine response. Is the child allergic to milk, yet he/she is too old to enforce a strict no dairy diet? A remedy can be given to help that child tolerate dairy (or at least have less of a reaction). These are just a few examples of ways in which we can target specific issues. In a moment we will take a look at the comprehensive list, but first let’s take a look at the guidelines for using these remedies:

Guidelines for using the below list of remedies: dosing, ordering, and more!

  1. Each “issue” has combo and single remedies listed next to it. “Detoxosode” and “Unda” remedies are low-potency, combo remedies. The single remedies are plant/animal/mineral remedies known for supporting this issue, or they are nosodes (specific remedies to target specific pathogens).
  2. If you are not working with a homeopath, start with a 6c potency of the single remedies and do not go above a 12c. For the combo remedies take as instructed on the package (consider taking a break after awhile to see if the remedy is still needed…it may not be). If you are working with a homeopath and you or your child has gotten past the initial phases of case management, it is safe to go up to 30c (or even 200c if you consult with your homeopath first).
  3. If adding more than one of these remedies, spread the start dates out by about one week (and wait until any possible detox reaction has settled down before adding the next remedy).
  4. It is best to choose which remedy is best through muscle or sway testing (or, in the case of a specific pathogen, by lab results). If you do not know how to muscle or sway test there are tutorials on YouTube, or you can ask a practitioner (chiropractor, homeopath) to muscle test for you. This can be done at a distance, as well. You can also do a Google search for information about some of the single remedies to get a description, to see which one seems to suite yourself or your child best. For example, for the issue of “detox” search Lycopodium and Nux vomica to compare the two.
  5. You can support the addition of these remedies by using activated charcoal or epsom salt baths the first few days (to help with any detox).
  6. Single remedies and nosodes can be found at Helios Pharmacy in England, Washington Homeopathics here in America, and, if you are working with a homeopath, Source Homeopathy. Detoxosode and Unda remedies can be found on Amazon, Source Homeopathy, or individual supplement companies (google search).
  7. The remedies with an *asterick in front of them can only be found at Source Homeopathy and you must be working with a homeopath in order to access this site.


So, without further ado, here is the list of issues and their supporting remedies (be sure to see the ordering and dosing guidelines above, and always check with your medical doctor before starting these or any other healthcare related product):

  • Histamine support (also see mold support): Histaminum, Apis mellifica, Detoxosode Allergens and Antigens, specific food remedy (lac vaccinum for milk allergy, triticum vulgare for wheat allergy, and so on), *Hay Fever Support.
  • Inflammation support: Belladonna, Arnica montana, Detoxosode Free Radicals, Apis mellifica.

    Parasites are a hidden culprit in many chronic conditions.

  • Parasite support: Detoxosode Parasites, Detoxosode Nematodes, Unda 17 (Parasites and Skin Disorders), Unda 39 (Intestinal Parasitosis), Cina maratima, Silica (or Silicea), Dioscorea villosa, Filix mas, Granatum, *Parasite Defense.
  • Mold/Yeast support: Agaricus, Detoxosode Fungi & Yeasts, Mixed Mould, House Mould, Candida albicans nosode, *Fungi Clear.
  • Immune support: Thymus, Immunoglobulin, GC Maf, Secretin, Kali carb, Calc carb, *Immune Support. 
  • Adrenal/Stress support: Adaptosode Stress, NaturalCare Homeopathic Anxiety Relief, Adrenal gland, Adrenalinum, Phosphoric acid, Kidney sarcode, *Nervous Tension Support, *Study Support.
  • Viral support: Detoxosode Virus, Gelsemium, Nux vomica, Influenzinum (influenza nosode), *Viral Defense .
  • Bacteria support: Detoxosode Bacteria, specific bacteria nosodes, Sulphur, Thuja occidentalis, Echinacea. *Pandas Support, *Myco Support.
  • Detox support: Unda 1 (Liver, Kidney, Gallbladder detox), Unda 2 (Kidney afflictions), Unda 12 (Skin disorders), Unda 240 (Decalcification, Bladder and Kidney), Unda 243 (Hepatic conditions), Lycopodium clavitum, Natrum sulphuricum, Nux vomica, Sulphur, lac vaccinum (milk), *Methylation support, *Oxylate Clear, *Wheat Detox, *EMF Room Spray.
  • Neuroendocrine support: Dopamine, Folliculinum (homeopathic estrogen), Testosterone, Progesterone, Pituitary gland, Seratonin, Thyroidinum, Pulsatilla, Sepia.
  • Hangover support (not a chronic issue, but throwing it in here for fun lol): Biosode Support, Nux vomica (30c if you’re really hurting lol), Unda 243 (Hepatic conditions), Bioplasma by Hyland’s (homeopathic cell salts) .

*available at Source Homeopathy which can only be accessed if you are working with a homeopath.

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