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While the 2020 shutdown has made telemedicine or “Zoom Medicine” quite popular these days, I have been practicing this way for almost 5 years now. At one point I rented space in a local chiropractors office for people who prefer to meet in person, but I found that I was getting the same exact results with cases whether they were local or on Zoom (well, back then it was called Skype!). However, there are people who still ask me to meet in person from time-to-time. In this video I explain what is going on “behind the scenes” while I am taking a case on video, so that people can understand that the process is exactly the same whether in-person or on video. I am working hard and juggling many aspects of the first consultation, from case-taking and case-analysis to building rapport with clients.

When I am taking a case (having a client give me his/her symptoms and features of their case) over Zoom, it may look like I am just typing what you say, but there is a LOT going on behind the scenes and in my head!! Let’s break it down…

Things I am doing while you are talking to me:

  • Categorizing your symptoms into a word document and jotting down remedy ideas
  • Translating what you tell me into “homeopathy language”
  • Thinking of and asking follow-up questions to go deeper on some features of your case
  • Typing into your health history
  • Entering your symptoms/features into my homeopathic software
  • Reading about remedies I have in mind to see if they fit the case

For another behind-the-scenes look (video included), read about HOW I CHOOSE A HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY (case analysis).

And if you are brand new to homeopathy (“What IS Homeopathy?!”), click here!

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