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I’m not only a homeopath…I’m also a mom! So I like to do an episode on YouTube called “Holistic Life, Unscripted!” from time-to-time to show you what myself and my family are up to! We use more than homeopathy to make gains and maintain health. In the two episodes linked below (which were recorded 6 months apart), I introduce and then discuss the gains of using alternative orthodontics and the Safe and Sound Protocol.

Alternative orthodontics usually refers to using alternative appliances such as The Healthy Start device, the Myobrace, or the ALF device in order to naturally accomplish what traditional orthodontics is working to accomplish, but in a way that is more gentle on the body and has the potential to create mental, emotional, and physical wellness in ways one would not expect just from expanding palettes or moving teeth!

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), otherwise known as Integrated Listening, is a “listening program” which aims to activate and modulate the social/emotional engagement systym (sometimes disordered by past trauma). This can have profound effects on learning disabilities, social anxiety, emotional lability, focus, and much more.


In a nutshell, my son went from being a year behind in 3 subjects in school (would have been 2 years behind had we not held him back a year already), to getting a 3.5 GPA in ADVANCED CLASSES. When we started these alternative modalities, he was in 5th grade and had “pull out” services to try to get him ahead (which he had been doing since kindergarten). 6 months later, upon entering middle school, he was placed in advanced classes (boy was I nervous about this!) and he did amazing! I still don’t understand what happened, except that one of these two interventions worked. Big time. My son keeps asking me why school is so easy all of a sudden lol, I smile and tell him because the bright boy you always were has shown himself! He’s doing advanced 6th grade work and he actually told me he feels like he is doing 4th grade work, so I don’t even know if the impact of this miracle has fully sunk in for either of us yet.

Some other gains we have both gotten (I did the Safe and Sound Protocol, too) are that we both feel and react more calmly to situations. My son had quite the fight or flight startle reflex which would sometimes result in a quick temper, and I haven’t seen any of that (forgot to say this in the video).

Why am I telling you about these things if I am a homeopath? Because I am a big believer in “multiple modalities“. Homeopathy sometimes can’t do it all in a complex, chronic case. But it can make a massive dent and put the ball into motion! Sometimes using homeopathy in conjunction with other modalities can have a more well-rounded effect on a case.

So, what are alternative orthodontics? What is the safe and sound protocol? Check out the two videos below!

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