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Why I Find Homeopathic Nosodes to Be Effective, And Not Suppressive

I’m often asked if I use homeopathic nosodes for my homeopathy cases. Usually I’m asked this because people are eager to use them to move healing along faster. Other times I’m asked because people have heard that they are “suppressive” and shouldn’t be used and they are confused about which direction to go in hiring a practitioner.

What is a Nosode?

First, let’s define homeopathic nosode. A homeopathic nosode is a remedy which targets a specific pathogen (bacteria, virus, parasite, or fungus). This is different from a constitutional remedy because it is not necessarily chosen based on a person’s entire constitution, but chosen based on a past or current, documented or suspected, infection.

Why Are The Use of Nosodes Controversial?

Why is the use of nosodes a taboo subject? Well, in classical homeopathy school we are taught to only use one remedy at a time and we are discouraged from using a nosode unless the pathogen was a documented past infection, was the central cause of the person’s onset of symptoms, and/or when nothing else works (for example, in the case when several constitutional remedies are tried and no result has occurred).

In some ways, I can understand why many homeopaths are not comfortable using them. We are taught that they are “suppressive” if used the wrong way, much the way we are taught that antibiotics and herbs are suppressive (drives the disease “deeper”).

But here’s the thing. I have never found this to be the case. And maybe that’s because I have always used them properly…? But most of my cases eventually need a nosode (or two…or three) in order to resolve the case or even get the ball rolling.

And maybe that’s because many of my clients come to me with a PANDAS/PANS diagnosis or a Lyme Disease Diagnosis. Both of these conditions are due to at least one infection.

My Success Using Nosodes

Now here is the thing. I usually don’t jump right to a nosode, unless I know there is a history of constitutional remedies that have failed (or we have tried a constitutional remedy in my practice and got less than ideal results). Even then, I have faith in my own ability to think outside of the box in choosing constitutional remedies so I usually like to start there, but have a nosode or two up to bat (I may even suggest to the client that they order the nosodes so that if we need to bring them in, they are on-hand and ready to go).

So, in the end, I like to stick to classical homeopathy (using a constitutional remedy, one remedy at a time) whenever possible. But I also like to keep homeopathic nosodes in my toolbox and don’t hesitate to bring them out in an infection-based chronic illness.

I go into greater detail and the nuances behind the use of nosodes (and my rationale) in the video embedded in this blog post!

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