Initial Consultation $335 


Included in the initial consultation:

  • Initial consultation  (1 hour in length)
  • Case analysis and protocol development before, during, and after the consultation (emailed to the client within 2-4 days)
  • FREE mini follow-up consultation 2 weeks after starting remedies (remedies will be adjusted based on feedback)
  • Other email communication as necessary

A full follow-up consultation (see below) should occur every 4-6  weeks until the case is “stabilized”, then as needed after that. Follow-up fee is $135.

Homeopathic remedies will average a total of $8-50 per person and will need to be ordered from a homeopathic pharmacy. To schedule an initial consultation, click here.



Follow-up Consultation $135

Follow up consultations should occur every 4-6 weeks until the case is “stabilized”, then as needed after that. Follow up consultations are approximately one hour in length and include a free 2-week email check-in and other email as necessary. Click here to schedule a follow up consultation.



Mini 15 Minute Consultation (first one is FREE)

Mini follow-up $45

For between follow-ups: dosage adjustments of current remedies OR questions/discussions too lengthy for email. You can schedule this here.



Acute Care Consultation

Email consultation $50, Phone consultation $70

In addition to calling your medical doctor, you can consult with me for support during acute conditions. This appointment will take about 20 minutes to discuss the specifics about the symptoms. I will then do a bit of research and email your protocol and instructions the same day. This appointment includes 48 hours of follow-up on email. To schedule an Acute Care Consultation, please schedule here for a phone consultation, or email me with your symptoms (for email consultations): steph@stephanienewtonhomeopathy.com.



Custom Flower Essence Blend (Email Consultation)

 Email Consultation $50

Flower Essences are fun!! For this consultation you will fill out a short questionnaire in which you will describe one mental/emotional symptom that is bothering you, and I will email you a list of 2-4 flower essences (based on research and muscle testing) aimed toward greater wellness in the area you described. I will then give you a link to an apothecary which will create your custom blend and ship it to you ($14.50 plus shipping). Below is a list of mental/emotional features which can be helped with flower essences:

feelings of abandonment/rejection, addiction, anger, isolation, lack of motivation, feelings of stress/overwhelm, heartbreak/grief, lack of clarity, co-dependence, courage, concentration, confidence, creativity, indecision, melancholy, lack of vitality, envy, exhaustion, obsession, fear, inflexibility, frustration/irritability, greed, feeling ungrounded, bad habits, impatience, inertia, sleep difficulties, intimacy/libido, loneliness, lack of manifestation, menopause, difficulty with mothering, negativity, perfectionism, procrastination, repressed emotions, resentment, self-effacement, selfishness, sensitivity, shame, shock, and more!

Click here to sign up and fill out the questionnaire. I will send an invoice and then get back to you over email with your flower essence suggestions.