Welcome Letter

Thanks for inquiring about my services! On this page you will find a link to schedule your first consultation, and the intake form you should fill out before our consultation. But first, there are a few things you should know about homeopathy before booking your first consultation:
  • While homeopathy has the potential to create miracles in an individual’s or a family’s life, healing can also take a winding road or a crooked path at times along the way, which may look on the surface like a setback. Homeopathy is similar to acupuncture in that it stimulates healing and we are unable to dictate in which order symptoms will resolve. This is normal and should be anticipated. The overall trend for most people is upward, however there can be dips at times along the way.
  • Homeopathy, at some point in the journey, will sometimes cause detoxification symptoms (fevers, rashes, diarrhea, or even a release of emotions) or a temporary aggravation of symptoms. For some people these things are barely noticeable, for others this requires adjustments of dosing and a lot of patience. It is incredibly helpful to have a homeopathy kit on hand to help us deal with these things that can arise.
  • For some people homeopathy stimulates healing very quickly, for others it can take some time to establish a protocol that works and/or the symptoms can begin unraveling more slowly. In my practice, the majority of clients will begin to see results anywhere from immediately to several months into the protocols. If you are serious about giving homeopathy a go, plan to invest at least 4-6 months time before deciding if homeopathy is the right fit for you or your child (follow up consultations, should occur about every 4-6 weeks in the initial stages). With this said, I do work hard to achieve some level of results with the very first protocol that is given, and most of my clients do see some level of results with this first protocol.
  • Homeopathy requires a series of remedies/protocols, each addressing a new “layer” (or set of symptoms). It is helpful to compare homeopathy to chiropractic or craniosacral therapy. Each “session/protocol” builds upon the last and you keep going until you feel that you have gotten all that you need out of this therapy. For some people this can be after the first protocol, for others this can take years before you feel as if homeopathy has taken you as far as it can go.
  • In a complex case, it can be helpful to combine homeopathy with another modality such as craniosacral therapy, integrative medicine, or chiropractic (to name a few). This allows blockages that may arise during homeopathy to be cleared away more easily. This is not required (especially in the case of a mild chronic illness), but has proven to be very powerful. With this said, I suggest waiting until we have an established protocol that seems to be shifting things before starting any of these modalities (otherwise we can get confused about what is doing what when two modalities are started at once).
To sum it up in the words of my friend and colleague, Mallory McClelland:  
“When you sign up for this work you’re stepping into a state of surrender and allowing your teacher, aka yours or your child’s soul, to show you the way. We leave behind our agendas and our judgments and we step into the all knowing vibration of unconditional love.” 

Ready to Get Started?

If you feel that the above descriptions about this journey called homeopathy resonates with what you are looking for, let’s get started!
1. Schedule your Initial Consultation.

2. Fill out your Homeopathy Intake Forms: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

3. Join me on Google Meet at the time of our consultation. The link will be available within the Google Calendar invitation that you will receive from me. 

4. After our initial consultation, I will email you a protocol within a few days with links to order the remedies and a link to pay the invoice for the consultation. I will also send instructions on how to proceed with the protocol.

5. We can have a free 15-minute consultation a couple weeks after you start the remedies so that I can check in, see how things are going, and make any changes to your protocol if needed. 

6. About 5 weeks after your initial consultation, we should have a full follow-up consultation so that I can give a new protocol based on the new symptom picture (next layer). Follow-up consultations should continue until you feel you have gotten all you can out of homeopathy (and should resume in the future if a new need arises or an exacerbation of old symptoms arises).



During the consult, in order to determine which constitutional remedy you will need, the appointment will feel a little like a psychological evaluation or therapy appointment at times. It would be beneficial to be in a quiet atmosphere, or at least have some privacy. If the appointment is for your child, I do not need the child to be present, however if you would like me to speak with him/her sometimes this can be beneficial.


If you have any questions about this process, please let me know! stephanienewton.homeopathy@gmail.com