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In this video I describe a case as it progresses from the first remedy, Lachesis, to the next remedy, Arsenicum sulphuricum.

Case Features

  • primarily communicating using “scripting” (out-of-context phrases, such as a line from a movie)
  • PMS: irritability before her period
  • Anger at those around her, sometimes for reasons unfounded
  • Acne
  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Head pain
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviors

Why I Chose Lachesis

I chose Lachesis homeopathic remedy based on the case features and also based on repertorization (putting symptoms into homeopathy software). The main feature that really clued me into choosing Lachesis was the fact that her PMS would clear up as soon as she got her period. A keynote of lachesis is that conditions improve when bleeding occurs (regardless of what type of bleeding).

Improvements seen after Lachesis 200c and 1M:

  • more engaged; answering questions appropriately instead of “scripting”
  • more control over her anger
  • neck pain resolved
  • PMS-related irritability resolved
  • acne improved

Moving Forward

The case still has several features that need to be addressed, such as obsessive-compulsive behaviors and scripting. The next homeopathic remedy that I recommended for this case was arsenicum sulphuricum. I will come back to update about case progress soon!

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