These kits, books, and combo remedies are items I use in my home and often recommend to clients to have on hand (especially for acute situations)…

18 Remedy Kit (Starter Kit)
36 Remedy Kit (Family Kit)
50 Remedy Kit (30c Potencies)
50 Remedy Kit (200c Potencies)
100 Remedy Kit (Mostly 30c, Some 200c Potencies)
Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines, by Cummings and Ullman (Acute Homeopathy Book)
Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants, by Dana Ullman (Acute Homeopathy Book)
Homeopathy: An A to Z Home Handbook, by Alan Schmukler (Acute Homeopathy Book)
Impossible Cure, by Amy Lansky (this is like a “homeopathy 101” book)
Sinusalia (Acute Combo Remedy)
Sabadil (also called Rhinallergy, this item can be used for adults, too)
Cold Calm
Histaminum 30c (I like to combine this with Sabadil when extra allergy support is needed)
Oscillococcinum (Flu-Like Symptoms)
Influenzinum 30c (flu nosode)
Influenzinum 200ck (200c)
Sedalia Stress Relief