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When new clients inquire about my services (or homeopathy, in general) for chronic case management, they often have 3 questions:

  • 1. What is Homeopathy? (it’s not herbs/supplements)
  • 2. Can I be cured or will this just manage my symptoms?
  • 3. How long will it take for me/my child to feel better?

In this blog/video, I will be answering #3: How long will healing take: the sawtooth effect of healing with homeopathy. I will show you several scenarios with symptoms-vs-time graphs.

What is a realistic expectation? What is an unrealistic expectation? What does short term-vs-long term healing look like?

We will get into all of that. As you are healing, keep an eye on intensity of symptoms, frequency of symptoms, and the number or symptoms. In the beginning, often one or all of these will decrease, but it’s important to look at each of these aspects of symptoms so you don’t miss the progress that may be taking place early on.

With continued protocols, symptoms will continue to ameliorate over time.

I draw the following graphs in this video:

  • 1. Unrealistic expectations
  • 2. Average timeline
  • 3. Difficult/resistant cases
  • 4. Improvement, followed by plateau
  • 5. No response at all
  • 6. Improvement, followed by regression down the road

I will discuss each of these scenarios and how we go about continuing the slope downward over time. Sometimes this does require going beyond homeopathy (in the case of a long-term plateau, for example).

For more info about the potential for Healing with Homeopathy, see this video:

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