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This is a case I had been working on for a couple of years. After the first couple of protocols, we had the worst of her PANDAS/PANS features under control. Occassionally she experiences a “flare” of symptoms (not of the same severity as her baseline flares.

In most cases when a person experiences a flare of their chronic condition, the flares get less and less intense over time. However, each new flare requires a new set of remedies. Often I am asked if these flares eventually cease. The answer to that is yes and no. See this blog post where I elaborate on the potential of full healing with no regressions.

In this case study (see video above, or keep reading), I go into detail about one flare and how I handled it with homeopathy and what the results were:

Case Features (Flare Symptoms)

Mom reported poor concentration and focus. Also mood swings characterized by happy and dancing, then doom and gloom, almost bi-polar. I was told she gets mean, has creative mania, then “crashes” with exhaustion. She crashes after being around people and out in public. She gets very weak/tired out in public, then has to sit down. She had a burning sensation with fatigue. She was experiencing throat clearing (mom was not sure if it was an allergy or tic, but she was leaning toward tic). She was also feeling sad about a situation about her brother, and had a fear of growing up. The protocol I gave her included two homeopathic remedies: Tuberculinum marmorek 1M and Kali hypophosphoricum 1M (scroll down for remedy features/materia medica).

Results/Improvement After Protocol

Mom reported: “This protocol has really helped her. The tuberculinum most definitely helps with her throat clearing. The kali phos helps with her burning symptoms and anxiety. She hasn’t had any “flares” since we started this protocol. When she has a flare, she gets edgy and mean and I haven’t seen any of that. Yay!”

Remedy Features / Materia Medica

Tuberculinum marmorek – in terms of this case: mania, melancholy, abusive, changing moods Also, desire to travel, restlessness, chest issues (can clear the tubercular miasm), hopelessness, sensitive to music, fear something bad will happen.

Kali hypophosphoricum (kali phos) – overworked, slightest labor seems a heavy task, mental and physical prostration (debility), anxiety with nervous dread, dullness of mind, weak memory, emaciation. ailments from strong emotions, fright, grief.


Kali phos: Sedalia (stress/anxiety): Oscillococcinum (flu):

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