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In this video I discuss how a homeopathic remedy called Thuja helped a young lady (a client) with selective mutism and pandas/pans, an older woman (my mom!) with anxiety, and a young boy (my son) with emotions and inguinal hernia.

Materia Medica for Thuja

“Materia Medica” is the full description of the theme and symptoms of the remedy, or the profile of the person who would be benefit from the remedy.

The themes and symptoms for Thuja include: introverted personality, dullness of mind, feels ugly and unclean, feels isolated and alone, feels different – like they don’t belong, fear of infections and germs, delusion as if body is fragile/made of glass, rapid emaciation, body and/or mind feels frail and fragile. This remedy is one that can clear the sycotic miasm (which is characterized by feeling as if you have to wear a mask to hide who you are). Physical keynotes features of Thuja: warts, feels as if a live animal in the abdomen, asthma/respiratory issues.

3 of My Cases Which Improved With the Use of Thuja:

I’ve given Thuja many times over the years in my practice and seen big improvements (in fact, everyone in my family has taken it at one time or another over the past 10 years). Here are 3 case examples:

Case #1: My client

My client presented with pandas/pans-related selective mutism. This is her mom’s feedback about her experience with Thuja:

She is talking quite a bit more after the Thuja. She asks a ton of questions during school. She interrupts so many times, I have to bite my tongue not to stop her because, the truth is, I’m glad she is finally asking questions and engaging in the stories I am reading to her. She didn’t speak for years, so I’m trying to be patient and let her get it all out πŸ™‚ She is expressing her feelings more and is just talking more all around.

An example of how a person can experience physical shifts/detox as the remedy works to heal on the mental/emotional level:

She also explained:

We definitely saw an improvement with this protocol although she did have physical aggravations which she was pretty discouraged with. She was very tired and achy, had some bloody noses and had some headaches all of which were old symptoms. She knows those things are temporary, but she hates the feeling of going backwards physically after she has been feeling good. She seems to be back to her old self and is riding her bike and taking the dog for walks and exercising frequently.

Case #2: My mom!

My mom’s response to thuja: nightmares and anxiety/panic attacks are gone, more relaxed. she calls it her happy pill πŸ™‚

Case #3: My son πŸ™‚

My son: this was his first remedy for pandas/pans and autistic features. He became less emotional and “by accident” his left-sided inguinal hernia healed while he was taking it.

While I don’t recommend self-treating for a choronic condition over a long period of time (there are just too many shifts that can and do occur which requires advanced understanding of homeopathy), I do like to recommend that people “dabble” in homeopathy by trying a remedy (in a 30c or 200c potency, which can usually be found at local healthfood stores) that resonates with their case. Another way to dabble in homeopathy is to try homeopathy for short-term, acute conditions! Download my FREE Ebook: How to Use Homeopathy in Your Home to get started!

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