This podcast is all about offering hope, strength, and courage for the Enlightened Mom’s journey! Your host, Stephanie Newton, along with various speakers, inspires moms to live a holistic life full of “self-love” and conscious parenting for optimal family wellness!

Having been both a pharmaceutical sales representative AND a middle school science teacher in her “former life”, Stephanie has had an inside view of today’s current “systems” and how they are failing today’s families! She has a bachelors degree in nutrition, is now a Homeopathic Consultant and Family Lifestyle Coach, and sees clients from all over the world on video chat. While Stephanie sees all types of clients, the majority of her homeopathy practice happens to be special needs children. Today, Stephanie’s view of “healing” encompasses a more holistic approach!

Stephanie is a mom to two boys and has had a unique journey through motherhood, having navigated many “mommy” scenarios: special needs parenting, stay-at-home parenting, being a working mom, being a married mom, and being a single mom (phew!). She is now a mom to a teenager! Eek! Where does the time go??!

Over the years, Stephanie’s views on life, healthy family dynamics, and parenting have evolved into more of a spiritual perspective, and she wishes to bring together a “tribe” of women with whom she can continue to evolve through hope, strength, courage, and unconditional love!!





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